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Iron Ore Fines Fe content 56% for sale

December 20, 2019

Available iron ore fines of grade Fe 56% ready for shipment from India. Quantity available 50,000 MT per month

Size : 00mm to 10mm

Kindly contact us for more details

WhatsApp :+91-9745527006


Stone Crusher in India

June 1, 2017

Stone Crushers in India are very much in demand. With the huge development process mainly in Infra and road project mobile crushers are mainly in demand.

Most of the companies which are awarded with tenders and well reputed firms always require stone crushing units for completing their requirements of aggregates at required location and also on time.

For this suggestion and support is available from us to develop relation ship with such companies which are in need of such stone crushing and supply job works.

Contact us for more details and we surely will prove ourselves by providing technical and manual support to cover all your basic requirement of stone crushing and delivering quality aggregate on time and in huge quantity which obviously required for road development and infra projects awarded by Government.


Also visit us at : Stone Crushing Plants in India


Call us or Whatsapp at +91-9745527006


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