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BHQ Iron Ore Suppliers

May 12, 2012
BHQ Lumps Suppliers INDIA

BHQ Lumps

BHQ  Iron Ore Lumps

We supply BHQ Iron Ore Lumps and boulder on regular terms from Goa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The specification of the BHQ lumps is as below

Commodity : Branded Hematite Quartz (BHQ)

Fe Content : 38% to 40%

SiO2 : 42%

Al2O3 : 4%

CaO: 1.5%

Quantity : 25,000Mt to 50,000Mt every month

Sizes : available as per buyer’s demand

Interested buyer may contact for more details.

 Call us: +91 – 974 55 27 006
To mail us CLICK HERE

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